County death toll rises to 36


At least 36 people in Kent have died after catching a coronavirus.

New daily figures released by NHS England have seen the number of deaths in the county caused by Covid-19 increase by two.

At least 36 people in Kent hospitals have died from coronavirus
At least 36 people in Kent hospitals have died from coronavirus

At Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust (MTW), 15 people have died since March 18.

It is not yet known to which hospitals all deaths at MTW are linked.

Since March 22, 13 deaths have been reported by the East Kent Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, including one Tuesday.

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust have reported four deaths, three of which died on March 22 and one on March 25.

Kent’s first death was a 64-year-old man with underlying health conditions.

He died at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham on March 18. Three other deaths have been reported to the trust, two people died on March 29 and another Sunday.

As of this morning, there are 38,168 cases of coronavirus in the UK, up 4,450 from the previous Thursday figure, which is a similar jump in recent days.

A total of 173,784 people were tested and 11,764 tests were performed on Thursday, the highest number to date, but far from the government’s 100,000 month-end target.

A further 684 people died on Thursday from Covid-19 hospital, bringing the total number of hospital deaths in the UK to 3,605. China, where the pandemic started, recorded 3,322 deaths.

While these are the only deaths in the county that could be confirmed by NHS England or reported to Kent Online by family members, there may be more to date.

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