Councils warn people against gardening and spring cleaning due to concerns over waste build-up


The councils warn residents against gardening and spring cleaning their homes during the hot weather this weekend, due to concerns about the buildup of garbage during the coronavirus crisis.

The District Councils Network (DCN) has called on people to think carefully about creating excessive waste, warning that they may end up having to store it themselves.

Collection services are facing the “perfect storm” as people turn to gardening and do-it-yourself lockouts, with the storers producing more food waste.

The refusal sites have closed to the public, while the coronavirus has an “impact” on the workforce with numerous self-insulating binmen.

DCN spokesperson David MIlls said, “We are asking people to do their part and just realize that your binmen will not necessarily be able to do their normal jobs.

“We ask residents to just be aware that they may need to store their waste, until it can be disposed of.

“This is probably not the right time to do a mass cleanse and put it at the end of your trip. “

With temperatures set to peak at 20 ° C in some parts of the country, there is particular concern that many Britons will be eager to work on their gardens this weekend.

DCN, which represents 191 district councils in England, urged those who do so to try to compost garden waste at home.

Over a third of UK councils have already suspended collection of garden waste, with 125 local authorities temporarily interrupting service during the summer months.

Councils suspending their payment for garden waste, which is not a statutory service, includes more than 70 authorities.

A small number of councils that have suspended their collection of food waste and ask households to put kitchen waste in the trash instead.

Garden waste collection has been suspended in cities like Leeds, Bristol and Plymouth; across counties, including Dorset and in seven London boroughs.

Some councils have also suspended bulky waste collections, while others have told residents that they should suspend recycling collections such as paper or glass because they prioritize the collection of black garbage.

David Renard, environmental spokesperson for the Local Government Association, said, “Because coronaviruses have an impact on the safety of their staff handling the waste, some boards have had to temporarily suspend or reduce the frequency of certain collections by curb.

“This frees up staff to operate other vital waste management services.

“Boards are seeing an increase in household waste, which may be due to people spending more time gardening and mowing their lawns as they follow the instructions for staying at home. “

The Royal Horticultural Society has warned people to wait until September to prune the gardens and deworm the food waste.

It also suggests that households mow their lawn more frequently, as shorter mows may fall back and disappear into the grass, or pick them up and use them as mulch around trees and shrubs.

Meanwhile, those wishing to make improvements to their homes during the foreclosure were warned of further pressure on the NHS.

Surgeons warned that dangerous DIY could cause injury and consume health care resources in times of national crisis. David Warwick, president of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, urged people to take extra care to avoid injuries that could put unnecessary pressure on the NHS.

He said, “NHS resources will be limited to deal with unexpected injuries during this pandemic, so by playing our part, we can ensure that frontline healthcare professionals can focus on providing urgent care where they are most needed. “

The spill of flies is also on the rise as recycling centers are close to the public.

The West Oxfordshire District Council said that the amount of waste dumped in this way had “tripled” since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

Councilor Norman Ray warned residents that the “law has not changed” and stressed that “anyone caught stealing will be liable to prosecution and a large fine.”


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