Corvette C8 Transport video shows the challenges of delivering 10 cars


The vast majority of the articles adopt the collective we voice, but I’m going to take a special property of it. Shipping 10 or more cars at a time on a truck is not easy; I know this because my father did it, my brother currently does it, and as a young boy from Michigan, I graduated from kindergarten diesel diploma sitting on my father’s lap, directing a GMC general in charge of new Corvettes on our long driveway. It can take hours to simply load these platforms, stacking just right while climbing on 10 foot steel beams in the air, while working in spaces with only a few inches to spare. And it’s for Ordinary cars with decent ground clearance and visibility from the cockpit, not to mention the mid-engine challenges offered by the C8.

This brings me to this new download from Morgan Crosbie on YouTube. He’s stationed at a Chevrolet dealership in Canada and has turned his camera on for what may be the last batch of 2020 Corvette deliveries to arrive in a while. I’m glad he did, because it’s a great opportunity to present a taste of the world of motor transport and the unique challenges that the C8 brings to the mix.

Exclusive mid-engine performance cars are generally not transported on open carriers designed to carry everything from one-ton pickup trucks to compact sedans. This particular platform is designed to transport 10 C8 Corvettes at a time, and while keeping the overall height below the legal limit of 13 ‘6 “is not a problem for these low-loader cars, positioning and fixing them requires special blocks on the ramps to avoid damage to the undercarriage. In addition, the width of these cars makes it extremely difficult even to open the door in certain places.

In terms of visibility, the C8 offers a double blow to transport drivers. Mid-engine cars inherently have poor rear visibility, but Chevrolet ships the 2020 Corvette in a full body wrap while most new cars have only limited coverage in certain areas. We can see this driver leaning far in front of the window while overturning a Corvette from the truck, but maneuvering safely on a platform like this also does not require a little spatial awareness and considerable experience. Yes, I’m a little bit in favor of this subject, but what you are looking at here is a trifecta of science, experience and art.

We don’t know how long the manufacturing plants in North America will remain closed, but the next time you see a portable parking loaded with cars, give them a wave. His therefore not an easy job to bring you these new cars.


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