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YouTube has decided to delete all coronavirus conspiracy videos that violate the policies of the Google-owned service. The video sharing platform had attracted criticism before limiting itself to reducing the frequency it recommended to them in its Up Next section.

The latest YouTube decision follows an interview broadcast live yesterday with famed conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Mr. Icke used his appearance to link 5G technology to the coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview, which YouTube said would be deleted, Icke falsely claimed that there was “a link between 5G and this health crisis”.

When asked about his reaction to reports of 5G mast fires in England, he added, “If 5G continues and reaches where it wants to take it, human life as we know it is over… so people have to make a decision. “

Several users then called for new attacks on 5G towers in comments appearing next to the feed.

Icke also wrongly claimed that a coronavirus vaccine, when developed, will include “nanotechnology microchips” to control humans.

The discredited conspiracy theory added that Microsoft founder Bill Gates – who helps fund research on the Covid-19 vaccine – should be jailed.

His highly controversial views were not disputed for much of the 2.5 hour show.

The bomb interview was seen by approximately 65,000 people when it was broadcast.

Some of these viewers pressed a button on the screen to trigger payments to make their live chat reactions more important.

YouTube only deleted the content after the session ended, although the site was aware of the broadcast while it was in progress.

A YouTube spokesperson told the BBC, “We have clear policies that ban videos promoting medically unfounded methods to prevent the coronavirus instead of seeking medical treatment, and we are quickly removing videos that violate these policies when they are brought to our attention.

Users who repeatedly break the rules may now be unable to use the YouTube Live tool.

YouTube can also prevent repeat offenders from earning money and added that it would end the channels as a last resort.

In this case, YouTube allows the interview host to keep the income generated through the Super Chats tool while the video was still online.

However, YouTube is donating its own cut of the product to charity and has investigated the channel responsible for the interview with David Icke.


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