Coronavirus “Won’t Go Away” Chris Whitty Cautions Social Outreach May Last All Year | United Kingdom | New


He told the press, “This disease is not going to be eradicated, it is not going to go away.

“So we have to accept that we are working with a disease with which we will be globally for the foreseeable future.

“What we’re trying to determine are the things that add up to an R less than one.

“There are many different options that ministers will then have to consider. “

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Mr. Whitty continued, “It greatly reduces our options if you have to keep the R below 1.

“We have to be very realistic if people are hoping this will suddenly go from where we are locked out to where it suddenly left, that is a totally unrealistic expectation.

“We are going to have to do a lot of things for a very long time.

“The question is what is the best package and that is what we are trying to determine. “

Professor Whitty also said, “There are a number of purely medical reasons then.

“There are many different ways in which this epidemic will kill people or cause health problems.

“The direct causes of death come from COVID.

“But the other area is that of people who die indirectly because the health service has had to be reoriented.

“There is also a final group which is whether the interventions we have are causing depravity. These are all things that we need to balance for public health. “


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