Coronavirus US live: nearly 800,000 cases of Trump’s praise against Cuomo | News from the world


… And welcome to another day of coverage of the US coronavirus epidemic. First, the figures according to Johns Hopkins University:

  • American cases: 759,600
  • Deaths in the United States: 40,601
  • Business in New York: 248,417
  • Deaths in New York City: 18,298
  • Deaths in New Jersey: 4,362
  • Michigan deaths: 2,391

Of course, other states are hit hard: there have been more than 1,000 deaths in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Connecticut and Louisiana.

On Sunday evening, Donald Trump held another controversial briefing from the White House Coronavirus task force, praise of the federal government of Andrew Cuomo, for example, and of course ignoring the many harsh criticisms of the Governor of New York. The report from Washington office chief David Smith is here:


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