Coronavirus Updates: State Pushes for More Reprogrammed Le Tour de France Tests


State health officials have continued to advocate for people with mild symptoms of the new coronavirus to be tested as the rate of confirmed cases and the number of tests administered decrease.

“We don’t know if the prevalence is actually decreasing,” said Dr. Richard Orlandi, chief medical officer of ambulatory health at the University of Utah. “The decrease in tests was a little scary. “

From the start, state and country health officials have identified fever, cough and shortness of breath as the symptoms most associated with COVID-19. In the early stages of its spread in Utah, the state epidemiologist, Dr. Angela Dunn, told Utahns to stay largely at home if they developed these symptoms due to a lack of ability test.

“Our testing capacity has increased significantly, so we changed our message,” said Dunn at Tuesday’s COVID-19 daily press conference.

Dunn also said the state had tested more than 46,476 people – just 689 more than on Monday. This is well below the state’s ability to test thousands a day.

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– Matt Rascon, KSL TV


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