Coronavirus updates: Mayor Nirenberg plans to extend city stay order


Posted is compiling the latest titles on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in the San Antonio area.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg confirmed on Thursday that 59 other residents of the Southeast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are now tested positive for COVID-19. He also announced that Bexar County has 254 confirmed cases of coronavirus but no new deaths. Information about the 59 nursing home cases arrived after the day’s tally, said Nirenberg. The county therefore has a total of 313 confirmed cases.

San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg plans to extend the home stay order until the end of April as the number of COVID-19 cases increases and the city’s budget balance becomes clear. City council is expected to vote to extend the order at its April 9 meeting. Otherwise, Nirenberg’s order would expire the next day.

COVID-19 follow-up: Interactive maps track coronavirus cases in San Antonio counties, Texas and the United States.

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