Coronavirus UK: still 891 dead while death toll approaches 8,000


Medical personnel are seen in full personal protective equipment (PPE) outside the NHS Nightingale Hospital at the Excel center in east London (Photo: Reuters)

A further 891 people died after contracting a coronavirus, bringing the death toll in the UK to at least 7,988.

The rise in deaths today is one of the largest daily increases since the start of the epidemic, after a massive increase of 938 yesterday and 854 Tuesday.

The toll was updated after England recorded an additional 765 deaths. Scotland has reported 81 deaths, while 41 have been reported in Wales and four in Northern Ireland.

The combined figure for the three nations is 891, which may be different from the figure released later by the government this afternoon. Indeed, each decentralized authority often makes changes to its own data after having reported daily deaths to the Ministry of Health (DoH).

Policeman wears face mask as he stands guard in front of St Thomas Hospital, where Boris Johnson is in intensive care (Credits: AP)
Two cyclists wear face masks as they cross a bridge in London (Photo: AFP via Getty)

The latest figures came as Downing Street said Boris Johnson’s condition “continues to improve” in intensive care where he spent three nights being treated for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister spent a “good night” at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and thanks the NHS for the “brilliant care” he received, his official spokesman said today.

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He is said to have continued on “standard oxygen therapy” when it was reported that he had not participated in any drug tests for Covid-19.

“The Prime Minister has had a good night and continues to improve in intensive care,” said his spokesperson, reporting on the hospital. He is in a good mood. “

Why are there different deaths every day?

There has been some confusion around the reporting of deaths. Indeed, different public bodies all communicate figures according to different criteria every day.

On Tuesday April 7, the Department of Health (DoH) said the number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK had reached 6,159 after the death of 786 other patients in hospitals.

But it was 68 less than the combined figure of 854 from England (758), Scotland (74), Wales (19) and Northern Ireland (3).

If you add up the total number of self-reported deaths in England (5,655), Scotland (296), Wales (212) and Northern Ireland (73) on Tuesday, you get a higher figure of 6,236.

The government has declared that this difference is due to the fact that each decentralized authority often changes its data after having communicated daily the death figures to the DoH.

It is important to note that all of these deaths occurred in hospitals across the UK. They do not take into account people who have died at home, in care facilities, hospices or other places outside hospitals.

Deaths outside hospitals are now recorded weekly by the National Statistics Office (ONS). Latest figures from the ONS suggest that the true death toll from coronavirus may be 8% higher.

Asked about other details regarding Mr. Johnson’s condition or treatment, the spokesman said the update includes all the information that the Prime Minister’s medical team “considers to be clinically relevant”.

His spokesperson added that the “weekly applause for caregivers” has provided “wonderful and unifying moments” for the country when it is hoped that millions of people will return at 8 p.m.

Johnson was last seen publicly applauding NHS workers on Downing Street last Thursday before being admitted to the hospital three days later.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, who has deputized for the Prime Minister, is expected to take part in the demonstration of support for health personnel this evening.

Woman wears facial mask as a precaution against coronavirus as she walks near St Thomas Hospital in central London (Photo: AFP)

Johnson’s spokesperson said, “The Prime Minister thanks the NHS for the brilliant care it provides.

“The applause from the caregivers provided wonderful and unifying moments for the whole country.

“I am sure that this evening we will once again see millions of people paying tribute to our fantastic dedicated caregivers. “

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced on Thursday the first major breakthrough in Johnson’s health, when he said that the Prime Minister was now “sitting in bed” and “making a positive commitment” to doctors.

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