Coronavirus: UK registers 917 new deaths from coronaviruses, including 11-year-old child | UK News


The UK recorded 917 new deaths from coronaviruses, including one 11 years old.

Figures from the Department of Health bring the total number of deaths in the UK to 9,875, which means they are expected to exceed 10,000 on Easter Sunday.

As of Friday, the numbers are correct at 5 p.m.

The increase recorded by the Ministry of Health yesterday was slightly less than 980.

A total of 823 new deaths occurred in England, with the NHS England indicating that the victims were between 11 and 102 years of age.

Deaths include 208 in London and 197 in the north-west of England.

About 33 of the victims in England had no known underlying medical condition – they were between 29 and 94 years old.

The total number of deaths in England is now 8,937.

Meanwhile, Scotland has announced that it has recorded 47 new deaths from coronaviruses – bringing the total to 542.

Fifteen others died in Northern Ireland, bringing the total to 107.

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