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New two-meter distance regulation introduced in Wales

The Premier of Wales, Mark Drakeford, said at a press conference in Cardiff that the new two-meter distance regulations would be released later Friday to take effect Monday or Tuesday next week.

Drakeford said, “We are going to legislate the two-meter workplace requirement, requiring employers to take all reasonable measures to comply with this two-meter rule.

“It was advice so far, and now it’s going to be part of the rules.

“We will be issuing new guidelines alongside the regulations, and the regulations we adopt today will come into effect Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

“It’s just a matter of telling employers that they need to prioritize the needs of their workforce, that their health and well-being should be part of their program, and the two-meter rule is to protect that.

“But if they take all reasonable steps and follow the directions we give them, their business can go on. “


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