Coronavirus UK LIVE: 563 deaths in hospitals in one day as Boris Johnson updates on Covid-19


Canada and the United States have closed their border to non-essential traffic to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, but a rural corner of the vast border remains open: aboriginal territory straddling the two countries.
The Akwesasne Mohawks visit the supermarket in Cornwall, Ontario. Nurses from Massena, New York, work at the Akwesasne health center in Quebec, whose parking lot is in New York. The three communities, a few minutes by car, have historic economic and social ties.
Canadians returning from the United States must be quarantined for two weeks, but many of the 12,000 Akwesasne based in Canada go back and forth every day, sometimes several times. Instead, the Mohawk Council asks them to quarantine if they return from a distance of more than 80 km.


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