Coronavirus: UK flight tracking images show clearer skies when locked


LOOK at the sky over Sussex and there are very few flights while the coronavirus lockdown continues.

In fact, at numerous times on Friday morning, there were no flights across the country on flightradar24, an online tracker that monitors air traffic around the world.

With flights around the world anchored to the ground, recent images have made a marked difference from what they would normally be.

Here is the normal image taken on March 2:

The Argus:

This is compared to the air traffic on the afternoon of Friday April 3:

The Argus:

Airlines around the world have cut flights due to the pandemic and on Friday Heathrow announced that it will be closing one of its runways starting next week as air traffic continues to drop.

This week, EasyJet announced that it had immobilized all of its flights and British Airways suspended 36,000 employees.

Gatwick Airport has suspended all operations at its north terminal.

West Sussex Airport will now only operate flights from the South Terminal.

Gatwick said on his website: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flights to most destinations are either canceled or on a very limited schedule.

“From April 1, we are temporarily closing the north terminal and all flights will be operated from the south terminal.

“Rail and bus services also have a reduced schedule, so we recommend planning your trip carefully.

“For all flight information, please keep in touch with your airline who can help. “

Last month, the airport terminated the employment of 200 employees, including contractors and fixed-term workers.


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