Coronavirus: the week explained | News from the world


Welcome to our weekly summary of developments in the continuing coronavirus pandemic around the world.

As the pandemic crossed the grim threshold of 2 million confirmed cases, new diplomatic feuds broke out, economic activity plummeted and as some countries tried to loosen restrictions, others saw resurgences in the number of cases .

US overtakes Italy as country with most deaths

The United States has suffered more confirmed coronavirus deaths than any other country and on Friday reached nearly 35,000 deaths, with Italy being the second most affected country with 22,000 deaths. China has revised the death toll in Wuhan, the hardest hit city in the country where the virus first appeared, up 50% to 3,869 from 2,579, citing the addition of dead patients to home and late or inaccurate reporting from some hospitals of the dead. Globally, the number of confirmed cases doubled in 13 days. The actual number of cases is assumed to be much higher than the official figures suggest, countries varying in the extent to which they test and the growing awareness that many people may experience few or no symptoms.

Trump suspends funding for the World Health Organization

Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the United States would freeze payments to the World Health Organization (WHO) for 60 to 90 days for its management of the coronavirus pandemic. He accused the world body of “severely mismanaging and covering up” the threat, even though he declared a public health emergency on January 30 – after which Trump continued to hold rallies and compared the coronavirus to the flu. seasonal.


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