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As the world experiences frightening and uncertain times, with all aspects of normal life turned upside down, the Internet provides the coping mechanism for comedy to help us get through.

Obviously, the coronavirus the pandemic is a serious issue, but maintaining morale while the planet is locked out is also more important than ever.

While the actors are doing their part, it is the Internet memes that are really taking their place right now. Here is our overview of some of the best to have emerged during the COVID-19 epidemic.

We start with the dogs, because what the nation needs right now is the commentary of two very good dogs locked in a silent but very important battle for the victory over the rubber bone.

Then: Helium Dog!

And dogs that drive cars will never bring joy, especially when they bring back locking snacks.

Don’t worry, cats, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here’s a moggy having fun with things found at home. (Note: do not store toilet rolls, friends!)

And here is another clearly not impressed by your contributions from the WFH to today’s Zoom meeting.

Horses can also be funny, of course.

More than ever, we need good neighbors right now. Ready! Stable! Containment!

Many have found new ways to connect.

With many musicians putting out album releases, we need new songs to dance. This is a belter. Can we ask something similar for Sky News, pls?

But don’t expect a live feed of the best Twitter anytime soon.

There are many incredible dance routines to copy. Remember: participation matters.

This musical number is wonderful and terrifying in equal measure.

For any Londoner lacking normal life …

At times like these, it’s important to say thank you.

And drink responsibly.

In case you haven’t seen it, the FA actually had to confirm that it wasn’t using Wembley to cook “massive lasagna” due to a blocked food shortage, after a bogus WhatsApp conversation has gone viral.

Washing is really one of the most important things to keep to stop the spread.

Here is a practical guide.

Of course, social distance is too.

WFH outfits, “cool” backgrounds, and camera viewing – home videoconferencing meets a multitude of dangers. Who knew that being turned into a potato was one of them?

Even Jesus adapts.

Locked out, every day is Groundhog Day. So credit where credit is due to this American news channel.

But at least the police are having fun.

When you miss your friends and family, mirrors can be helpful.

Parents always say that these are the simplest gifts that children most appreciate on Christmas day. The same goes for quarantine activities if this tweet, which has been enjoyed more than three million times, is something going on.

It is important to stay positive.

And remember that shopping is new.

Italian politicians are not kidding.

This is not the ideal time for COVID-19 look-alikes.

But the questions for the future 2020 pub quiz are going to be a breeze.

Anyone with a dinosaur costume at home is currently providing a public service of joy.

And even at our lowest level, we can always count on celebrities to make us smile. We are all in the same boat, as they say – it’s just that theirs is much bigger, with tennis courts and a swimming pool.


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