Coronavirus tests at 8 months of age are positive at the Toronto Emergency Duty Center


The City of Toronto has confirmed that an eight-month-old baby and four staff from an emergency day care center are positive for COVID-19.

Toronto medical officer of health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, said at a news conference on Wednesday that Toronto public health is investigating the epidemic at Jesse Ketchum daycare and analyzing how the virus got into daycare .

In addition to the baby and four staff members who tested positive, another child was tested for the virus, but the test was negative and another staff member awaits their results.

“We were worried and disappointed to learn of the circumstances,” said de Villa.

“This is an essential service for the essential workers of our city. We know how important it is as part of our comprehensive response to the pandemic. “

Mayor John Tory said he was “deeply concerned” about the Jesse Ketchum child care epidemic, but noted that “the strictest” precautionary measures are being implemented in emergency daycares.

“We will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again and to ensure that children and staff are taken care of properly,” said Tory.

On Tuesday, the Jesse Ketchum Early Learning and Child Care Center said that three staff members were positive for the virus, two other staff members and two children awaiting test results.

The Child Care Center has suspended child care for 14 days and will undergo a thorough cleanup, but will not reopen until approval is received from Toronto Public Health.

An epidemic is declared when two or more people contract the virus.

According to the city, families who have children attending daycare are notified.

For the staff and the 58 children who attended the daycare from April 21 to April 28, they will be asked to stay at home for two weeks from their last day at the daycare and will be excluded from all emergency daycares from Toronto as a precaution for the same period.

The city’s six other emergency daycare centers will continue to operate.


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