Coronavirus: Taiwan Bans Government From Using Zoom Due To Security Concerns | Scientific and technological news


Taiwan banned government officials from using Zoom just days after the company admitted it mistakenly routed user traffic through servers in China.

Taiwan said all agencies should avoid using video conferencing services with security breaches, specifically mentioning Zoom, COVID-19 confinement.

Last week, security researchers at the Citizen Lab detected that calls made to Zoom in North America were routed through China, alongside the encryption keys used to protect them.

The Citizen Lab report examined the confidentiality of Zoom meetings and identified “significant weaknesses” in the company’s encryption system and “potential areas of concern” in its infrastructure – which includes the company’s employees in China exposed to pressure from state authorities.

Relations between Taiwan and China remain tense, with the two countries essentially claiming that the other is part of their territory. The official name of Taiwan, which is an independent democratic state, is the Republic of China.

Photo of chinese minister

Chinese Minister: “You can’t blame us”

There have only been 376 confirmed cases in Taiwan and five deaths. The country quickly responded to reports of an unidentified epidemic in Wuhan and has been inspecting passengers arriving from the city since December 31.

Taiwan suggested that the services offered by Microsoft and Google would be acceptable alternatives to Zoom.

The software has also been criticized in the UK for defense ministry personnel banned from using Zoom on security fears – though unclassified cabinet meetings took place using the software.

In a blog post last week – following the FBI also investigates “Zoombombs”“In which trolls target schoolyards with pornography – the company’s chief executive said the company takes” security matters “very seriously”.

“We recognize that we have not met the expectations of the community – and ours – in terms of privacy and security. For that, I am deeply sorry, ”wrote Eric Yuan.

A Zoom spokesperson told Sky News, “Zoom takes user safety very seriously.


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