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Sir Keir Starmer pledged to work with the government to fight the coronavirus pandemic, but also said that “serious mistakes” had been made in handling the crisis.

The newly elected Labor leader said he would work “constructively” with the Conservatives, but added that the ministers had been too slow to explain why the UK was “so far” in testing.

He also called for “system bottlenecks” that delay the delivery of protective equipment – known as PPE – to front-line workers “to be resolved quickly.”

Keir Starmer

New union leader: the challenges ahead

He came after PM wrote to the leaders of the opposition parties, telling them “we have a duty to work together in this time of national emergency.”

Writing in the Sunday Times, Sir Keir said: “There will be many times, and there are many questions on which, I will fundamentally disagree with the Prime Minister.

“However, there will also be times when Labor can – and must – engage constructively with the government.

“Now is the time. Coronavirus is a national emergency. It is also a global emergency. Everyone is worried about what the next few months will bring, but we know that we must be determined in our determination to see this virus defeated, as it will be.

Sir Keir Starmer issues statement on his election as leader of the Labor Party

Starmer: “We have a mountain to climb”

“I want to see the government succeed in this area: save lives and protect livelihoods. It is a national effort and we should all ask what more we can do. “

Sir Keir said that the Labor Party “would do our part to come up with solutions” but “would also speak for those who have been ignored”, and expose the errors, adding: “And let’s be honest, serious mistakes have been made.

“The public currently has enormous confidence in the government: it is essential that this trust be open and transparent with regard to these mistakes and the decisions that have been made. “

Sir Keir also said that the United Kingdom should build vaccination centers in towns and villages “as soon as a vaccine becomes available, we can start protecting the whole population.”

“We need to know what is this exit strategy, when the restrictions could be lifted and what is the economic stimulus package to protect those who have been hit the hardest,” he added.

“There will still be many difficult days ahead. Great sacrifices have to be made because of a crisis that was unimaginable only a few months ago. But Britain is a big country and we are going to move on. “

Sir Keir was elected successor to Jeremy Corbyn the Saturday.

Boris Johnson also used the video message to urge the public to stay home over the weekend, for which warmer weather is forecast.

“We can’t afford to relax”

Matt Hancock, MP, Secretary of Health

Hancock: “Stay in this weekend”

The UK has been locked out for almost two weeks after the government announced measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Prominent Scientist and Government Advisor Said Social Distancing could be relaxed in a few weeks if there are signs, the epidemic slows down.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London said the UK epidemic is expected to stagnate in the week to 10 days, but said that people’s behavior was essential in determining what would happen next.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said on Saturday that 708 others died in hospital after a positive coronavirus test, bringing the total number of deaths in the UK to 4,313.


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