Coronavirus shutdowns in California set the tone. What is his next step?


The way the country’s largest economy calibrates the reopening will have huge ramifications for the rest of the country, providing examples of what works and what doesn’t, especially given the limits of testing capacity.

Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday that the state would eventually replace its general residence orders with more localized and less restrictive measures. But he did not give a deadline, saying he would come back to the matter in two weeks.

“Ask me the question then.” I know you want the calendar, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves, “said Newsom. “Let’s not make the mistake of unplugging the plug too soon. “

“We want to see the number of hospitalizations flatten and start decreasing,” said the governor, adding that the state should also strengthen its testing capacity, better protect the elderly and the most vulnerable and ensure that hospitals have enough supplies.

Face covers will likely remain a feature of public life, at least for some time, he said. Restaurant customers will likely have their temperature taken before sitting, and waiters will wear masks and gloves. The big rallies over the summer were “not on the cards,” he said, and in the fall, students can go to school in shifts to avoid crowded classes.

“It will not be normal,” he said.

The reasons for the first promising signs in California are numerous, according to experts. The state was the first to implement home-support measures, and before prescriptions fell, Californians began to keep their distance from each other, while New Yorkers still packed bars and restaurants.


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