Coronavirus Scotland: 495 deaths from the virus while confirmed cases reach 5,275


495 people died from coronavirus in Scotland – an increase of 48 deaths overnight.

The number of confirmed cases increased to 5,275, compared to 318 compared to Thursday.

A total of 207 Scots are in intensive care and are receiving treatment, this has been confirmed.

Of the confirmed positive cases, 1,832 people are hospitalized, an increase of 51.

Nicola Sturgeon Urges People To Stay In
Nicola Sturgeon Urges People To Stay In

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the latest figures at a press conference today.

Addressing the Easter weekend, she urged the Scots to continue to follow the lockout protocols.

She said: “I know how difficult it is for people to do this, it will seem even more difficult during this Easter holiday weekend, especially for families with children and indeed for the children themselves and for the elderly who would normally spend time with their grandchildren.

“Please stay in touch with your family, friends and loved ones in the way that is best for you.

“Reach out and pay attention to people, even if you are physically separate from them, but please follow the rules and stay home for Easter. “

She added, “This FMQ virtual session might, in the end of the day, seem like a relatively minor example of that, but it is a vivid example of that. “

This occurs when Boris Johnson left intensive care at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital after his admission on Sunday evening.

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Coronavirus in Scotland

Meanwhile, the chief medical officer of Scotland resigned on Monday after flouting the lockout rules.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood left her role after posting photos of her visit to her family vacation home in Fife.


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