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From a Kent family reworking a song from Les Misérables to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody transformed into an ode to adaptation to Covid-19, self-isolation is the catalyst for a new breed of composition of homemade viral songs .

The Marsh family interpretation of One Day More recorded 1.4 million views and made them stars on the Internet with lyrics (for example: “Our grandparents are miles away / they can’t work on Skype, our hearts are broken”) being reworked to reference life during lockdown.

Adrian Grimes and Dana Jay Bein’s classic version of Queen recorded 3.5 million views and made it a “dark pastiche” of the song with phrases such as “I’m just a young boy with no job security”. The two songs share a dark sense of humor, are instantly recognizable to millions of people and have found audiences around the world.

The latest song to go viral is that of a group of Chicago-based stand-up comedians who shot a lo-fi video inspired by this year’s Icelandic entry to Eurovision, Think About Things by Daði Freyr.

Garrett williams

Day 17: morale is weird

March 30, 2020

Garrett Williams and his roommates shot the video in two hours, edited it for a similar amount of time, and then posted the results on Twitter – the video drew more than 5 million views within 24 hours of its release.

“My roommate sent the song to me and we were like” this song slams, “” said Williams. “From there we were dancing on it and thinking it might be a fun video, we made some suggestions for dance moves and outfits and put it all together. “

The method behind a huge viral hit is surprisingly simple, according to Williams. He explained that the idea for Michel Gondry’s clip came from listening to the song and dancing lazily before leaving the house to buy food.

“We were waiting to go get food or go to the store together and we started to play the song and one of us was bouncing,” he said. “From there, we thought” oh, let’s just make a video where everyone bounces all the time “. That’s it. “

Williams says he has had friends who have found work in comedy on the back of viral videos and that the timing of publications to launch when your audience is most important is a key to success. However, under lock-in conditions, Williams says there is a new captive audience at almost any time of the day, thirsty for shameless uplifting content.

“In our sphere, we talk a lot about the best time to publish,” he said. “But now everyone is at home, no one has a clue when to post. I sat on it for a day, then my friends told me go ahead, post it. So I did it and it exploded in 24 hours. “

Another motivation for Williams, Grimes and the Marsh family was to stay busy while isolated, Williams said the video “filled the void” of not having work to do.

“Our group likes to be on the go, we always do shows and try to take care of work,” he said. “With the quarantine situation, we had no plans, so last week, we had some ideas floating around and made one. “

There was a negative reaction to the songs, in particular the cover of Grimes by Bohemian Rhapsody. Grimes criticized the lyrics to the song such as “Mom, I just killed a man / I didn’t stay inside in my bed / I passed in front of him, now he’s dead”, which were marked as insensitive .


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