Coronavirus: residents of Harrogate disregard home stay


Harrogate Convention Center

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Concerns arise as Harrogate convention center converted to 500-bed hospital

Residents of a North Yorkshire spa town show “blatant disregard” for advice on home support, police said.

Harrogate officers said they had received numerous reports of picnics, street parties and meetings with friends for a walk.

North Yorkshire police said it was disappointing and that the force would intensify patrols in the area.

Concerns arise as work continues to transform the Harrogate conference center into a Nightingale hospital.

An officer tweeted over the weekend that he was “deeply ashamed” after seeing a group of residents having a street party.

In the tweet, which was deleted, Andrew Ingram said, “Harrogate is by far the worst place to ignore the lock. “

Inspector Penny Taylor said, “Although we know that the majority of the city’s residents do the right thing and stay at home, despite the good weather, it is unacceptable that some people show such blatant disregard for government advice. “

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Police say patrols will disperse groups and apply social distancing measures

Insp. Taylor said there has also been an increase in the number of motorists traveling to the city for non-essential reasons.

“For those who think the rules don’t apply to them, don’t forget our colleagues at the NHS and the very hard work they are doing right now,” she added.

She said the patrols would disperse the groups and impose social distancing measures and warned “to see your friends can wait”.

The guidelines state that people must stay at home except to buy food or medicine, or to go to work.

The advice is to do some exercise near you, and if you go outside, stay 2m (6 feet) away from others at all times.

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