Coronavirus: Research Shows 80% Get It From A Symptomless Person


Worker assesses temperature of woman wearing face mask upon arrival at Hankou station in Wuhan (photo: AFP via Getty Images)

According to a new study, almost 80% of coronavirus patients have contracted respiratory illness from someone who has no symptoms.

Researchers have also found that a person can be infected with the virus for 3.8 days before becoming symptomatic while being able to infect others.

The Jiao Tong University School of Medicine team in Shanghai said their findings indicated that isolation alone is not enough to slow the spread and should be combined with rigorous testing and contact tracing.

Using Chinese data, they used mathematical modeling to estimate the average time it took for residents of Wuhan and the outskirts of the city to contract Covid-19.

Person wearing face mask arrives to catch one of the first trains to leave town in central Hubei province of China after authorities lifted months of lockdown at the epicenter of the coronavirus (Photo: AFP via Getty Images)
Passengers pass safety and body temperature checks on the first day of the end of more than a two month lockout (Photo: EPA)

Wuhan residents were finally able to leave 76 days after draconian measures were imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Anyone with a “green” QR code on a smartphone health app can now leave the city that was once the epicenter of Covid-19.

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The research team found that 79.7% of people caught the virus from someone who appeared perfectly healthy and symptom-free but had previously been infected, MailOnline reported.

They wrote: “Thanks to several different approaches, we get broadly consistent results: a large part of Covid-19 transmissions can occur presymptomatically.”

The researchers added that the patients were “likely to become infectious at the early stage of their infections rather than just before the onset of their symptoms”.

However, they stressed that the results “should be interpreted with caution” because “the epidemic data” are “very limited”, adding: “Therefore, estimates of the incubation period and the serial interval of Covid -19 involve considerable uncertainty. “

Passengers wearing face masks and raincoats to protect themselves from the spread of coronavirus (Photo: AP)

Limits included the fact that cases with severe symptoms were more likely to be detected, and cases with clearly identified contacts were likely to come from areas with many public health resources.

The team said that “aggressive testing, isolation from close contact and social distancing to prevent presymptomatic or asymptomatic transmissions are crucial” to fight coronaviruses.

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