Coronavirus patient reveals what is really going on in intensive care while Boris Johnson is hospitalized


A coronavirus patient has revealed what it’s like to fight the bug in intensive care.

Matt Dockray recovered from a coronavirus, but described the fear that he would die as doctors rushed to treat him with respirators and oxygen masks.

The 39-year-old spoke of his experience on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday after learning that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in intensive care after his symptoms of coronavirus worsened.

Matt said, “It was a horrible experience.

“I know a lot of doctors are trained for this and they go through it, but for the patient as an individual, this is one of the most horrible experiences you will have because you are fighting for yourself to get all the oxygen you need. “”

Matt Dockray, a coronavirus patient, revealed what it’s like to fight the bug in intensive care

Boris Johnson in intensive care after worsening coronavirus symptoms

He explained that what had gotten worse was that he was not allowed to have family around him.

Matt added, “It’s very lonely – you don’t have friends and family here, you don’t have the personal emotional support you rely on in your toughest times. “

While in the unit, doctors continued to monitor his oxygen, which had fallen to extremely low levels.

Matt was afraid of dying

He was given a mask and then a non-invasive ventilator to put oxygen in his lungs.

At the hospital, there was no “demographic person” – with people of all ages, from young children to middle-aged to elderly people.

Matt started to worry when his symptoms did not improve over time.

He explained, “It is clear that you have progressively worsened by grabbing yourself. All you can think of is that you have three weeks. “

Matt talks to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

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“There is a point when you start to give up hope and think that’s it,” added Matt.

Boris Johnson is in the intensive care unit at St Thomas’s Hospital in London but remains conscious.

He received oxygen overnight and all day yesterday, but his condition does not appear to have changed overnight.


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