Coronavirus: Paris bans outdoor exercise during the day


Jogger near the Eiffel Tower, Paris

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Paris residents face new exercise restrictions

Paris authorities have banned outdoor exercise during the day, as the fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues.

The new rules are in effect between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. local time and take effect on Wednesday.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the police chief said it would restrict people from exercising “when the streets are usually the quietest.”

France has one of the highest virus death rates in the world.

A total of 8,911 people died there and the number of confirmed cases is almost 100,000.

  • Italy, with the highest number of deaths in the world, has recorded 604 deaths from coronaviruses in the past 24 hours. Its downward trend therefore continues – Monday’s figure was 636. The total has now reached 17,127.
  • Spain, the second most affected country, recorded an increase in deaths for the first time in five days Tuesday – 743, compared to 637 in the previous 24 hours. This pushed the total to 13,798, but the daily percentage increase is about half the level recorded by Spain a week ago.

Tuesday, the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, declared that the epidemic had not yet reached its peak, declaring to the television channel BFMTV: “We are still in a phase of aggravation of the epidemic” .

The ban on day jogging in Paris followed a sunny weekend marked by large groups of people running and walking in city parks, despite police checks which include fines for breaching the lock.

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Media captionFrench President Emmanuel Macron: “We are at war”

France has been subject to strict foreclosure measures for almost a month. Everyone who leaves must be in possession of a document indicating the reason for their departure: shopping for necessities, consulting a doctor or exercising within one kilometer of their address.

Police have fined hundreds of thousands of people for breaking the strict restrictions.

There are positive signs that the epidemic may be slowing down. Monday’s figures from the French Ministry of Health showed only a small increase in people needing intensive care treatment.

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People who do not have the correct papers risk fines

But the situation in French nursing homes is also a source of concern. Until recently, deaths reported by the virus included only those who died in hospitals, and not elsewhere.

Véran announced on Monday that there will be a “nationwide operation” to screen nursing homes, their residents and their caregivers to help alleviate the crisis in this country.


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