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A man sits alone on a bench overlooking part of the Manhattan skyline amid the coronavirus pandemic April 21 in Brooklyn, New York.
A man sits alone on a bench overlooking part of the Manhattan skyline amid the coronavirus pandemic on April 21 in Brooklyn, New York. Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

Sunlight and bleach can both kill the new coronavirus, a federal official said on Thursday at the White House daily briefing. But US President Donald Trump has turned what should have been a simple scientific summary into a confusing stream of dangerous ideas about how the light diffuses through the body and suggestions about injecting disinfectants.

Here is what was said: Bill Bryan, a senior US Department of Homeland Security official, said studies on the virus have shown that bleach kills the coronavirus in about five minutes and that isopropyl alcohol destroys it even faster.

He also said that the virus dies most quickly under direct sunlight, and that temperature and humidity affect how long the virus survives.

This was Trump’s point of view:

“Suppose we hit the body with a huge light, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful and I think you said it was not checked and that you were going to test it,” Trump told Bryan. . “Suppose you can bring light inside the body. “

It was not immediately known how Trump would propose to bring light into the body.

“And then I see the disinfectant where it removes it in a minute. Is there a way to do something like that by injecting inside or almost cleaning … it would be worth checking that out, “added Trump.

Scientists were horrified by his claims. Several experts warned after Trump’s briefing that no one should ingest disinfectant and that it just doesn’t work.

The World Health Organization indicates on its website that exposing yourself to the sun or high temperatures does not prevent Covid-19 and warns against using ultraviolet lamps, including tanning lamps, to attempt to kill the virus.

“UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of the skin as UV rays can cause skin irritation,” warns the WHO.

Too much damage from UV light can lead to skin cancer.

And bleach is toxic: it can kill and kill people who drink it. The United States Food and Drug Administration regularly warns the public against drinking bleach, or even inhaling bleach fumes. It is also irritating to the skin.

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