Coronavirus outbreak in Orinda’s senior care facility infects 27 people


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, California (KRON) – At least 27 people have tested positive for COVID-19 after an epidemic at a health care facility in Orinda, health officials said on Friday.

Contra Costa’s health service said the epidemic at Orinda’s health center had not resulted in any deaths.

“I think we are all very concerned,” said Dr. Chris Farnitano, health manager for Contra Costa County. “We are all very concerned and we are particularly concerned about our elders and our elders.”

Health officials started the investigation earlier this week when two staff members sought medical attention. The two employees tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday with two patients at the facility.

The CCHS tested all patients and staff on Thursday. As results continue to come back, 24 residents and three staff members returned with positive test results.

Currently, 14 tests have returned negative.

“COVID-19 is a disease without proven drug therapy and without a vaccine,” said Dr. Farnitano. “Our main weapons against this pandemic virus are the isolation and quarantine of known cases and their close contact so that all other members of the community strictly adhere to the guidelines on social separation.”

Two residents who test positive receive care at local hospitals.

Staff and residents who do not have severe symptoms are medically isolated but not hospitalized.

“The situation is very serious and we are deeply concerned about the residents of our elderly care facilities in the county of Contra Costa,” said Dr. Farnitano. “This is why we need everyone to follow the order to stay at home, advice on social isolation and other measures in recent health orders – to protect people in our community who are vulnerable to serious COVID-19 disease. “

The 47-bed facility is still in operation – but for weeks, no group events have been organized and no visitors are allowed.

County health officials say they are working closely with the skilled nursing facility to reduce the risk of continued transmission to other staff and residents who have not contracted the virus.

“It’s not a surprise,” said Dr. Farnitano. “This is something that has worried us and has been preparing us for some time. “

According to the CCHS, the Orinda Health Center is a qualified nursing home with 45 residents and follows all health recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is not the only senior care facility being investigated by health officials in Contra Costa County.

They wouldn’t tell us how many more – but we know it’s more than this in the county.

“Public health has been preparing for the possibility of epidemics in qualified nursing homes and other community care settings, and we have provided clear advice to facilities to respond and control the spread of the disease” , said Contra Costa director of public health Dan Peddycord. “We are currently working closely with the facilities to protect residents and staff.”

In the county of Contra Costa, five people died and more than 300 people tested positive for COVID-19.

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