Coronavirus: nurses forced to “hold their breath” due to lack of PPE


Nurses are forced to hold their breath while treating coronavirus patients due to a lack of PPE, a leading doctor warned.

Dr. Rinesh Parmar of the Doctors’ Association said that 43% of the doctors surveyed by his organization had no eye protection and 20% had none for the most serious and risky procedures.

He had also heard doctors say that they should reuse the masks and that they should be for single use.

He added, “The nurses do some of these high-risk procedures because they do not know if the maksk that has been provided to them will provide them with adequate protection. “

He said: “Unfortunately, the doctors were forced to take matters into their own hands. “

Dr. Parmar also voiced concerns about the tests, saying, “We’ve heard in recent weeks that the tests will be speeded up. It would be welcome to see it in practice. “

He said there were reports that doctors went to testing centers but were turned back.

Asked about the ability of the NHS to cope, he replied, “We entered this pandemic in a position of relative weakness. “


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