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Senior ministers meet for a “lockdown summit” which is expected to extend traffic restrictions until May at the earliest.

Prior to the COBRA meeting, hopes of ending the closure of pubs, restaurants, shops and other businesses were dashed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and other senior politicians.

Some ministers believe a decision to lift the ban will not be made until the Prime Minister returns to work – and as it could be in several weeks, there is no end to the COVID-19 locking in sight.

A bench is cordoned off in a London park, fearing that the pleasant weather over Easter weekend will prevent people from staying at home
A bench is cordoned off in a London park as the British are asked to stay at home

Government medical and scientific advisers still do not know when there will be a spike in the number of people falling ill coronavirusand the number of deaths.

With Easter weekend looming – and temperatures expected to rise on Good Friday and Saturday – experts fear that failure to follow the instructions to stay at home could prove catastrophic.

It was confirmed on Wednesday that another 938 COVID-19 patients died in hospitals in the UK, bringing the total to 7,097.

Boris Johnson has now spent a third night in intensive care, and his replacement Dominic Raab will chair the COBRA talks, in the presence of cabinet ministers and leaders from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In the latest health report on Johnson’s condition, released shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday, a spokesman for Number 10 said: “The Prime Minister continues to make steady progress. He’s still in intensive care. ”

Is government lockdown working?

A few hours earlier, at the last press conference on Downing Street coronavirus, Sunak said: “The last in hospital is the Prime Minister still in intensive care where his condition is improving.

“I can also tell you that he sat in bed and engaged positively with the clinical team. “

At the press conference, the government’s deputy chief science advisor, Angela Maclean, hinted that schools could reopen before the lockout restrictions are relaxed.

Asked about reopening schools before summer, she replied, “There is very interesting work on all kinds of different things that we could do in the next step. “

Sadiq Khan says 14 transport workers have died in London from coronavirus

“We make transportation safe for key workers’ heroes”

When the Prime Minister announced the lock in his televised speech on March 23, he told the nation, “I can assure you that we will keep these restrictions under constant review. We will look again in three weeks and make them more flexible if the evidence shows we can. “

The three-week period ends on Easter Monday, and coronavirus law rushed through parliament last month says government has until next Thursday to review the foreclosure.

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Although there will be no official announcement of a decision after the COBRA meeting, Mr. Raab is expected to warn the public to prepare for an extension of the lockout at the Downing Street press conference this after -midday.

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, and chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, will present evidence at the COBRA meeting on the effectiveness of the lockdown so far.

Senior police officials will also report on the enforcement of the lockdown law and make recommendations on whether to ease the restrictions or, more likely, restrict movement.

Hopes of ending the closure of pubs and restaurants have been dashed by the Chancellor
Hopes of ending the closure of pubs and restaurants have been dashed by the Chancellor

Two prominent political figures who should be involved in the COBRA meeting firmly resisted calls to ease or end the coronavirus blocking.

Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford announced: “We will not lose the gains we have made and the lives we have saved by giving up on our efforts as they begin to bear fruit. “

And the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I think we are not about to lift the lock. I speak regularly to experts. We think the peak which is the worst part of the virus is probably still in a week and a half. “


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