Coronavirus: NBA plans 25-day basketball return plan after clearance, report says


There has still been no determination as to whether the NBA will attempt to end the 2019-20 season, due to the uncertain future regarding the treatment and removal of the coronavirus. Commissioner Adam Silver said the league would not even be able to make decisions until May at the earliest, and there have been many plans proposed on how the season could resume once everything is clear.

Few details have emerged so far on a potential return to basketball, but on Sunday ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that executives and trainers have discussed a 25-day plan to resume the season.

“What they are planning is a 25-day return to basketball. I hope they can put it in place at some point, “said Windhorst. “An 11-day series of individual exercises, where there would be social distancing for a while, then hopefully, if permission comes, they can play five-on-five basketball, a camp 14 day training. “

It’s been over a month since the NBA closed, with some players sequestered at home without access to basketball courts or facilities, so it makes sense that teams are not just able to resume activities as usual once it is deemed safe. That said, the 25-day estimate is a dose of reality that some may not have thought of. This means that, for example, if the NBA can resume operations in early June, it would only play games in July, potentially.

At this point, it seems unlikely that the league will be able to resume the regular season (teams have between 13 and 16 games to play), so they should head straight to the playoffs to crown a 2020 champion. what this post-season looks like, nobody can guess. Some suggested an abbreviated series of eight teams with a best-of-three rather than the best-of-seven series. Some even suggested an NCAA tournament-style single elimination media. However, as Silver said, the league cannot begin planning until it has a better idea of ​​how the nation and the world are controlling the spread of the coronavirus.


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