Coronavirus: morning update as deaths in the UK are expected to exceed 10,000


Here are five things to keep you up to date with the coronavirus epidemic this Sunday morning.

1. The number of deaths in British hospitals is expected to exceed 10,000 on Sunday


Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care at St Thomas Hospital in London on Monday

The total number of deaths in British hospitals due to the coronavirus is expected to exceed 10,000 on Sunday. A further 917 deaths from coronavirus were reported on Saturday, bringing the number of hospital deaths to 9,875. This is the second day in a row that the figure has exceeded 900.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he owed his life to NHS staff who treated him for coronavirus at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital.

2. Ethnic minorities “are a third” of patients

Research suggests that more than a third of critically ill patients hospitalized with a coronavirus are of black, Asian or minority origin.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has acknowledged the existence of “new evidence” suggesting that Covid-19 may have a disproportionate impact on these communities, and says it is working to reduce health inequalities.

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Awan family


Nazir Awan, who died after days of intensive care, was a “legend; the backbone of his community “

3. Remembrance of deceased NHS workers

Thousands of people in the UK have unfortunately died from coronaviruses, including doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare workers.

The government has said that 19 NHS workers have died so far. Here we tell some of their stories.

4. “Local shortages” of intensive care drugs

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We have heard from worried doctors before that they have difficulty accessing the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to treat patients with coronavirus.

Now doctors say they are missing some essential critical care drugs and need to find substitutes.

This could ultimately have an impact on a patient’s chances of recovery and needs to be treated urgently, says Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, chairman of the board of doctors’ unions, the British Medical Association.

5. The strangest events in England hit by the foreclosure

Easter and spring holidays mark some of the oldest – and strangest – traditions in England’s eclectic calendar. But as the coronavirus lockout continues, many of the more unusual events – such as the Worm Charming Blackawton International Festival – have been canceled or postponed.

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Media captionHallaton Bottle Kicking competition is like a rugby scrum

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