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The current Miss England title holder has put her crown aside so that she can return to work as a doctor during the coronavirus crisis.

Bhasha Mukherjee returned to the UK after charity work in India to join colleagues at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Ms. Mukherjee said that while the work she did in India was important, she felt that her time and skills would be more useful to the NHS during the coronavirus epidemic.

“I felt that my services, given the training I received – I am a trained doctor – my services would be much more useful in a hospital,” she said.

“I’m not downplaying the work, the charity work I was doing, but in a way, you know, that’s what I was trained for, so I wanted to come back and do that.

“At first, when we were doing all this good work and those happy smiles – we went to so many shelters for orphanages and little girls who had been abandoned and things like that … but towards the end of the trip … I hadn’t want to wear my crown. I didn’t want to attend the events. “

Now isolated in Derby, Mukherjee said she was waiting to hear when she could receive up-to-date training, so that she could help her fellow health care professionals during the pandemic.

“The department I work in is the respiratory department, but from what I hear from my colleagues, the doctors are sort of filtered and sent where they are needed,” she said.

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COVID patients are a problem – of course they are – and it’s mainly in the ICU and A&E and of course the breathing room, but we can’t forget all the other patients in the other parts of the hospital and a hospital must function.

“Right now, because of COVID, there is additional pressure where most doctors, nurses and resources are prioritized for them. But we must also have the other patients taken care of. This is why the NHS is so tense right now. “

Ms. Mukherjee also launched a petition to ask NHS workers to pay reduced rent for housing during the crisis.

Some doctors have to rent places because they have to isolate themselves from their families and neighbors.


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