Coronavirus: Mercedes provides free respiratory aid design


A detailed view of part of the aircraft (Credit: James Tye / UCL)

A detailed view of part of the device (Credit: James Tye / UCL)

The respiratory aid designs that Mercedes is helping to develop for the NHS in the fight against coronaviruses will be made available to other manufacturers free of charge.

Continuous positive pressure devices (CPAP), which were developed in collaboration with Mercedes’ engine division and University College London as part of the larger F1 Pitlane project, are produced at a rate of up to 1,000 per day.

Mercedes says its entire base of high-performance powertrains in Brixworth has been reorganized to meet demand, with 40 machines normally used to produce F1 pistons and turbochargers used for CPAP development effort.

“Since the announcement of the project, we have received an incredible number of inquiries about the CPAP machine from around the world,” said Andy Cowell, general manager of Mercedes HPP.

“The open availability of design and manufacturing specifications will enable companies around the world to produce these devices at high speed and on a large scale to support the global response to Covid-19.” “

Mark II of the UCL-Ventura device, which reduced oxygen consumption by up to 70% compared to the original version, received regulatory approval last week and was evaluated by patients at the ‘University College Hospital and sister hospitals in the London area.

The government has ordered 10,000 devices.

What is the F1 Pitlane project?

The seven UK-based Formula 1 teams have launched the “Pitlane Project” to help produce medical equipment to fight the coronavirus.

The teams – Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Haas and Williams – and their respective tech arms, as well as F1 themselves, coordinated their response to the government’s call for companies to provide assistance for the manufacture of medical equipment.

And F1 teams, whose ability to develop and produce concepts at a rapid pace of development is a key aspect of the sport, say they are ready to take on the national challenge.


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