Coronavirus: Meet the residents living on the lockdown road in Leeds | UK News


It’s an ordinary street in an ordinary city at an extraordinary time.

Just like millions of people in the UK, residents living on a road in Leeds live life locked out.

Several street households are keeping Sky News video diaries and will share their experiences in the days and weeks to come.

Number 11

Name: Saf (aka) Faji

Age: 34

Occupation: Real estate agent

Faji is determined to maintain his exercise regime while locking

Faji wears gloves and masks when going out into the community

Saf, known to everyone as Faji, lives with her mother and two sisters. He works in real estate by making houses and renting them, but it stopped during the foreclosure.

The builders are not working, the suppliers are closed, and one of Faji’s tenants says they cannot pay the rent because they are out of work. He makes his way through it and lets off steam by getting in shape in the outdoor gym he created in the garden of number 11.

It helps the community to shop for the family and other residents who need help. Faji takes no chances – he wears gloves and masks when he goes out into the community.

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Number 25a

Name: Liz and Phil

Age: Both 67

Occupation: Retired

Liz volunteers to speak to vulnerable people during lockdown

Liz guides us throughout her day of baking carrot cake and sourdough

Liz and Phil have lived in their four-bed detached house for 40 years and have seen the road diversify over the years.

Phil is trained in software and Liz was a yoga trainer and still teaches a weekly yoga class with a friend online. Lockdown for Liz and Phil means a combination of sewing, baking, reading and photography. Although Liz’s regular running club is not activated, they both enjoy staying in shape.

They are in touch with their extended family and read the news online. They shop once a week at the local supermarket and shop for vulnerable people on the street.

Number 33

Name: Sadif

Age: 35

Occupation: Owner of a fish shop

Sadif gathered his community during the lockout

Sadif sent a letter to all of his neighbors to make sure no one felt lonely during the lockout

Sadif lives in a busy house with her husband and six children. During the lockout, everyone is at home, including her husband, Muddassar, who runs the fish store and the chip shop, which is currently closed.

Sadif is a stay-at-home mom – and she loves it. Children are outside in the garden, playing board games, reading together or watching TV or movies. She likes to have her whole family under one roof for a while – it’s the first time in a decade that her husband is so home.

Sadif visits the store behind his house once a week and is fully aware of the news on coronaviruses. She is heavily involved in community action groups and takes daily deliveries to vulnerable people.

Number 40

Name: Clare

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired teacher

Clare has never felt closer to her neighbors than during the lockout

Clare hope we can learn something positive from locking

Clare is a retired special needs teacher who lives with her dog, Rory. Originally from Surrey, she raised her two children on the road and has lived there for over 30 years.

She has two grandchildren, whom she calls daily by video conference. Clare likes to keep her mind and body healthy during the lockout by doing online yoga and qi gong classes, practicing meditation and doing lots of singing. She tries to avoid going out as she recovers from the chronic fatigue that she has suffered for 18 years.

Fortunately, Sadif and other neighbors were able to help with shopping here and there, although Clare visits the local supermarket when necessary. Clare is optimistic about the lockdown and hopes that we can learn from the experience.

Number 92

Name: Peter and Hilda

Age: 76, 71

Occupation: Retired elementary school teachers

Hilda and her husband have lived in the same house for over 40 years

Hilda and Peter: 40 year old residents

Peter and Hilda are retired elementary school teachers who have lived at number 92 for over 40 years. They are 70 years old and therefore take extra care during locking due to their age.

Fortunately, all four of their children live a short drive away, which means they have all of their essentials delivered to their homes. They miss going to the gym and seeing their families, as well as spending time with their nine grandchildren.

Hilda spends her time doing pilates and zumba online, and Peter practices golf in the garden and paints baseboards. They are pleased that the government has extended the lockout, but have questions about what will happen in the future.


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