Coronavirus: Man imprisoned for coughing against police – says he wanted their children to receive COVID-19 | UK News


A man who deliberately coughed against two police officers during the isolation of the coronavirus was imprisoned.

Michael Gray, 41, was sentenced to 19 weeks in prison after admitting to assaulting an emergency worker and using threatening words and behavior.

Last Thursday, two patrol officers approached the accused at Brixton when he appeared to harass three women.

When they checked his contact details, they discovered that he was wanted on warrant for failing to appear in court.

At the time of his arrest, Gray intentionally coughed at the police and, during his detention, threatened to spit on them.

He said he hoped to infect them with COVID-19 so they can pass it on to their children.

At a hearing before the Croydon magistrates, Gray was sentenced to eight weeks for assaulting police officers and eleven weeks for a separate offense of drug-impaired driving.

He was also fined £ 100 for the offense of public order.

Gray, from south Norwood, south of London, was also disqualified from driving for 26 months.

Superintendent Kris Wright said on Tuesday, “This attack on our officers in the line of duty to protect the communities of Lambeth and Southwark is an attack on all of us.

“The two officers displayed the Met’s finest qualities, despite threats and the risk of Covid-19 being infected by the actions of this man, and even worse his desire to injure the officers’ children.

“I am grateful to the court for handling this matter as seriously as it deserves.

“Although such attacks are fortunately rare, we currently have a duty to do everything to” protect protectors “.

“My officers are doing all they can to ensure the safety of the public and the police to the best of their ability, and we are grateful to the vast majority of the population for doing everything possible to comply with the measures put in place by the government.”


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