Coronavirus Locked Passover: Israeli Jews Revise Rituals


They expressed concern that such an exception would open the door to more widespread use of the screen on the Sabbath and Holy Days, even when life is not in imminent danger.

Benny Lau, a rabbi based in Jerusalem, took a middle path.

“In decisions on religious law, there is a general policy, but also an infinite number of individual exceptions,” he said in an explanation. video, adding that the rabbis of the Moroccan tradition had offered a way out to those whose solitude the night of the Seder could otherwise be unbearable.

Another concession related to the coronavirus included a decision by the Jerusalem city hall, citing the rabbinical authority, that people unable to leaving their homes to carry out the usual exterior combustion of the remains of sourdough products, which are not kosher for Passover, can instead throw a symbolic quantity, the size of an olive, into the toilet.

The state rabbinical authority also ruled that coronavirus patients who had lost their sense of taste should always make the relevant blessings on food and drink.

Some rabbis noted that the very first Passover also took place in custody.

According to the book of Exodus 12, when God visited a 10th deadly plague, the murder of the firstborn, on reluctant Egyptians, Moses asked the Israelites to bring a lamb home for the slaughter and to smear the blood on their door jambs so God will pass over their houses and not hit them.

Moses added, “None of you will go out the door of your house until morning.” “


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