Coronavirus: living legend Alfa Saadu dies from Covid-19


Dr Alfa Saadu


Dr Alfa Saadu (second from left) praised for his leadership

A doctor who spent almost 40 years saving others died after contracting a coronavirus.

Dr. Alfa Saadu, 68, died Tuesday afternoon at Whittington hospital in north London.

The doctor had been medical director at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and the Ealing NHS Trust and had worked in many hospitals in the capital.

Tributes were paid to Dr. Saadu, in particular on the part of the former President of the Nigerian Senate.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Saadu started showing symptoms of coronavirus and immediately self-isolated.

Her son Dani Saadu said the family suggested he go to the hospital, but his father insisted that he “did not want to take a hospital bed because others would need it.”

Saadu added, “He was a very passionate man, concerned with saving people.

“As soon as you told him about medicine or what was going on with the NHS, his eyes lit up – he was very passionate.

“He worked part-time as a supply teacher because he just couldn’t retire. He loved medicine so much.

“He worked for the NHS for almost 40 years in different hospitals in London and he enjoyed lecturing in the medical world, he did so in the UK and Africa. “

“This virus kills”

Despite his retirement in 2017, Dr. Saadu continued to work part-time at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

During his career, he also worked as medical director of the Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and was appointed acting medical director when the trust merged to become the London North West University NHS Trust in 2014.

Princess Alexandra Hospital, where Dr. Saadu worked as medical director until his departure in December 2017, also paid tribute: “Our condolences to you and your family. Our thoughts are with you all. “

Saadu warned people to take government advice seriously as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths continued to rise in the UK.

“I remember a few weeks ago when Boris Johnson said ‘get ready to lose loved ones’,” he said.

“I got really angry and I remember thinking,” Why is he saying that? It’s not the kind of thing you say on TV. “

“Now I understand what he means. People must take this virus seriously. I saw it firsthand – this virus kills people. “


Dr Alfa Saadu retired from his medical career in 2017 but continued to work part-time

Dr Saadu is the fourth NHS professional to die from a coronavirus in a week after the deaths of Dr Habib Zaidi in Southend, Dr Adil El Tayar in west London and Dr Amged El-Hawrani in Leicester.

Former Nigerian Senate Speaker Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki posted his condolences on Twitter.

Dr. Saraki said that Dr. Saadu had been president of the Kwara State Association, a community leader and a traditional office holder like Galadima de Pategi.

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