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Therapists offer free services to NHS staff for fear of “shell shock”

More than 200 psychotherapists offer free sessions to NHS workers, fearing that many may suffer from symptoms similar to “shell shock”.

Mental health professionals are part of a network called Heather Wellbeing, which aims to provide £ 1.7 million of support free of charge to front-line health workers.

Lucy Warner, executive director of NHS Practitioner Health, spoke frankly about the impact the epidemic will have on NHS staff.

She said, “I don’t want to use war language, but when the crisis breaks out, we will likely see NHS personnel suffering from symptoms similar to a bus shock. “

Volunteer psychotherapist David Gittelson added: “I have worked with front line staff at the NHS and have seen first-hand the enormous relief and dramatic change in energy experienced by health workers by sharing what ‘they live.

“Thanks to Heather’s initiative, they can discuss anything they like and unload traumatic experiences, often difficult to articulate, in a safe and healthy space.

“Whether only one session or ongoing support is required, each individual shares their feelings, concerns and difficulties.

“The client I worked with felt supported, recognized, relieved and invigorated to help him better face the challenges ahead.”

NHS frontline staff can book a therapy session online here and anyone wishing to donate to the initiative can click here.

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