Coronavirus live updates: global cases reach one million as pandemic increases in the United States, Italy and France


Coronavirus deaths in the United States surpassed 4,600 on Wednesday as Vice President Pence issued a disturbing warning that America’s situation is more comparable to Italy’s fight against the virus, which has pushed this nation’s hospitals at full capacity and killed more than 13,000 in a matter of weeks. long lock.

The prediction was part of a new batch of reminders that, as the United States moves into agony toward the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, each day will cause more suffering than the last.

In total, the nation added at least 900 virus-related deaths to its global balance sheet on Wednesday, with more than 211,000 confirmed coronavirus infections. State officials have warned that their hospitals may soon run out of masks. , gowns and respirators needed, and homeland security officials acknowledged that the federal government’s emergency stock was also almost depleted.

The virus has also continued to ravage social life and the economy in America and around the world. One day after the White House warned that the country must prepare for hundreds of thousands of deaths, the stock market continued its historic plunge. President Trump said on Wednesday that officials were “considering” possible flight restrictions between the hardest-hit regions of the United States, although he noted that it would be difficult to completely suspend air travel.

“I’m watching where the flights go to the hot spots,” said Trump.

The president also appeared to resist the idea of ​​a national stay-at-home order even as some states that had resisted – including Florida – decided to require residents to stay at home and avoid gatherings to prevent viral spread. Many of the most populated areas of the country are huddled, with people only able to leave their homes for essential errands, isolated exercises and emergencies.


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