Coronavirus live updates: Deborah Birx says social distancing will continue throughout the summer as cases in the United States approach one million


Colorado governor Jared Polis (D) defended his decision to start reopening his state on Sunday morning.

Regarding CNN’s “state of the union”, Polis said an apparent increase in cases was due to previous tests which had just been confirmed and added to the total and did not reflect the current situation.

He said he focuses on social distancing measures that are lasting for weeks and months.

“We really focused on the laser to find out how we can support and maintain these types of social distancing measures,” he said. “If we could not do it, the stay at home was for nothing. “

When asked if he would issue another house arrest order if the cases escalated again, Polis said, “We will have to adjust and we hope we will have to adjust. “

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) also defended his decision to start reopening businesses in his state on Friday. Stitt said the original purpose of the closures was to strengthen the hospital’s ability, acquire personal protective equipment and smooth out the curve. The closings have given the government time to do so, he said, but it is time to reopen.

“The facts in our state are as follows: on March 30, we reached a peak in hospitalizations, with 560 across the state,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Today, we have 300 statewide in our hospitals. We think it’s time for a measured reopening. ”

He noted that there are 80 test sites across the state. Over 55,000 people were tested, he said, and the positive rate was 6.3%.

Stitt noted that no one is forced to reopen a business.

“I give advice. If a restaurant doesn’t feel ready to reopen, “he said,” he doesn’t have to. “

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said some states open too early. He highlighted Georgia, where the governor has authorized the reopening of hair salons and other businesses.

“Georgia certainly jumps the gun, I think here, starting too early from where they are in the epidemic,” Gottlieb said on Face the Nation on CBS News on Sunday.


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