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President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke to reporters on Friday during a visit to the coronavirus treatment facilities, a day after announcing that the country’s foreclosure would be eased slightly on May 1. His clumsy attempt to put on a mask right after the speech was widely shared on social media, where some South Africans thanked him for the moment of comic relief.

Ramaphosa was praised for his calm and measured speeches that recognize the deep economic suffering that the blockage is causing in one of the most unequal countries in the world.

TOKYO – In Japan, detainees will join the fight against the spread of coronavirus behind bars, making protective gowns for medical workers.

Detainees will be assigned to produce protective medical gowns, which are in short supply in many hospitals, endangering many medical workers and fearing they may be infected, justice ministry officials said on Friday.

The ministry said that production of protective gowns will begin in mid-May in 41 of Japan’s 75 prisons, with a target of producing 1.2 million gowns by October, about 200,000 a month. Medical experts say they are also facing severe shortages of N95 masks, face masks and other protective equipment for which Japan has largely relied on imports.

In Japanese prisons, prisoners are put to work, including sewing, carpentry and other manufacturing activities as part of correctional programs. The gowns will be distributed to hospitals via the Ministry of Health, officials said.


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