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As the number of confirmed cases worldwide has risen to 1,244,421 – with 68,976 deaths – some countries in Europe are hoping they will get through their worst case.

Austria announced on Monday that it will begin temporarily lifting restrictions from April 14.

The country’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said that small stores would be allowed to reopen.

A calendar details other potential openings. Department stores could reopen from May 1, while restaurants and hotels could reopen in mid-May if all goes according to plan.

However, Kurz said “everything will depend” on the fact that the Austrians will continue to obey the rules of social distancing until then, reports the Guardian.

There are currently 12,297 cases of Covid-19 in Austria, with 220 deaths and 3,463 cures.

Shortly after Austria’s announcement, Denmark announced that it would also begin gradually easing its lockdown measures on April 15.

He said kindergartens and primary schools could reopen on that date if the number of Covid-19s in the country remains stable.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also said the government should start communicating with businesses about relocating staff to offices, according to Bloomberg, although she noted that other restrictions would remain in place for month.

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This could allow the opening of shops and some schools, but social distancing would still be imposed and “major events and private parties would be prohibited,” according to Reuters.

Germany has been hit hard in terms of coronavirus infections, with 103,375 confirmed cases, 1,810 deaths and 28,700 recoveries.

Italy recorded its smallest increase in the number of deaths per day in a few weeks last weekend when the country’s Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, said he had described the “phase two” of the country’s response to the virus.

This second phase would not see any relaxation of the lock-in measures as such, as the rules of social distancing would remain in place.

But reports indicate that there will be an increase in the use of face masks and health services.

Deaths in Italy unfortunately increased from Sunday to Monday, with 636 daily deaths recorded on April 6.

In the United Kingdom, there are 51,608 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 5,373 deaths.

Last week, Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock, said there were no immediate plans to introduce more stringent lockdowns in the current state of affairs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had not previously ruled out any more stringent measures, however.


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