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Jay Inslee intervened on Twitter after Trump tweeted “FREE” in Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia, an apparent endorsement to end the foreclosure in the democratically-ruled states. Protests calling for an end to the blockades have taken place in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, Virginia and Kentucky. Inslee said, “The President’s statements this morning encourage illegal and dangerous acts.

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“It puts millions of people at risk of contracting COVID-19.


“His ranting and discouraged calls for people to” liberate “states could also lead to violence.

“The president foments inner rebellion and spreads lies – even if his own administration says the virus is real, it is deadly and we still have a long way to go before lifting the restrictions.”

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman also hit Trump.

Whitman, a Republican like Trump, said, “This president is now really out of control.

“Speaking of” liberating “states, he uses language that could well lead to riots.

“No one has done more to undermine our constitution and destroy the values ​​of our country than Donald Trump. “

Protesters say severe economic restrictions are hurting citizens.

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The recently published federal directives recommend three phases for the reopening of businesses and social life slowly, each phase lasting fifteen days.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz responded to Trump by saying, “The President has released a three-step plan that reflects exactly what we are trying to do.

“I called to ask, what are we doing differently to get so many people back into the workforce without compromising the health of Minnesotans or claimants?

“And it will probably take longer than a two-word tweet, but I think it’s our responsibility to tell us. “

4,591 Americans died in 24 hours on Thursday, according to John Hopkins University.

Data began to include deaths for which the coronavirus is the likely cause.

The United States has now killed more than 33,000 people.

Protesters in Michigan accused Governor Gretchen Whitmer of dictatorial overrun.

According to Anthony Zurcher, BBC journalists in North America, some of these protesters waved Confederate flags.


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