Coronavirus: Kate Garraway Says Husband Still “Deeply Critical”


Kate Garraway posted a disturbing update on the health of her husband Derek Draper as he continues to fight the coronavirus.

The 52-year-old presenter from Good Morning Britain admitted that he was in a “deeply critical” state in intensive care after falling ill last week with symptoms of Covid-19.

As the potentially deadly virus brought the country to its knees, with a lock in place, Derek was hospitalized for the disease after being tested positive for the coronavirus.

Since Kate confirmed the news, her husband’s health has deteriorated and in the early hours of Friday morning, she informed her subscribers of the news that Derek was not improving.

Speaking to Instagram, Kate posted a video of fireworks and sparklers and people in her neighborhood celebrated and applauded NHS workers who risk their lives on the front lines by treating those with Covid-19 .

Kate Garraway gives a heartbreaking update on Derek Draper’s COVID-19 battle

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Kate praised hospital staff for “keeping her husband alive,” but admitted she clung to the hope that he would be okay.

The Instagram caption said: “From the bottom of my heart, a billion thanks to the extraordinary #nhsworkers whose skills, dedication and guts in the face of so much personal risk keep my Derek alive, just like they do for thousands coveted patients.

“I fear he is still in a very critical condition, but he is still there, which means there is hope.

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“Send so much love and support to the thousands of people who have had this hope for their loved ones robbed by this hideous disease.

“You are not alone and I hope this will give you the strength to resist the torture of grief. “

Kate then thanked those who helped her family during this difficult time.

Kate Garraway says she clings to hope for her husband

She continued: “Thanks also to my own little group of” key workers “, the neighbors who started fireworks tonight for #nhs, gave the Easter bunny a helping hand to make life a little little more normal for Darcey & Billy, those who have abandoned food and family friends and all those who have sent messages of love and support.

“It is such comfort. We must all show solidarity #clapthecarers #love #hope. “

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