Coronavirus: JK Rowling Shares Insight into Huge Home Library | UK News


JK Rowling posted an enviable video from her library on Twitter, revealing that she spent the lock organizing her books by color.

“Rearranging books is a very calming lockdown activity,” she posted on her social media, next to a clip from her shelves.

Earlier this month, Rowling announced that she has fully recovered from a suspected case of coronavirus.

The author followed his video by responding to people asking where his own books were, saying “yes, of course, I have Harry Potter books!” “

“These are not my only shelves, they are just the ones I decided to organize by color during tea breaks. “

J K Rowling's Book Collection
Harry Potter said the color coordination of his books was soothing

The video revealed that his library also includes a quote from the 14th century poet Edmund Spenser, painted along its shelves.

The quote is taken from his poem The Faerie Queene, and reads: “It is the spirit that does good from evil, that makes the miserable or happy, rich or poor. “

The author of Harry Potter previously stated that she could not be sure if she had COVID-19 because she had not been tested, but that she had suffered from all the symptoms of the disease.

Library of J.K. Rowling
The author said that these were just a few of his books

She also criticized social media influencers for pressuring subscribers to learn a new skill during the pandemic, saying that getting through something was more than enough.


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