“Coronavirus is not on vacation”: France warns citizens against Easter trips | News from the world


Tens of thousands of additional police and gendarmes are stationed across France to ensure that people respect the coronavirus lockout during what would traditionally be the grand go for the Easter holidays on Friday.

Checkpoints are set up on all major roads and highways outside cities and towns with orders to turn back those who try to break the rules.

Officials in areas popular with vacationers or where there is a high proportion of second homes have also been ordered to conduct checks to ensure that there is no sudden influx of visitors.

“The virus is not on vacation,” said French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in a televised speech Thursday evening. Philippe echoed the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, who had warned a few hours earlier: “Do not go on vacation absolutely during the closing period … People must remain confined. Any abuse will be punished. “

Friday morning, Laurent Nuñez, the Minister of Transport, also issued strict instructions, declaring that 60,000 additional police and gendarmes would join the 100,000 normally on duty to carry out “intense checks” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“You cannot leave your home to go to a complex or a second home,” Nuñez told RTL radio. “There will be no departure for the holidays … There will be checks across the country. A considerable number of police and gendarmes will be deployed, most of the time on the ground but also from the air. “

Nuñez said those who tried to escape the foreclosure could face more than fines and warned that “those who want to challenge the restrictions” would commit a crime repeatedly.

“After three offenses – that is, from the fourth time of disrespecting internment – it becomes a crime,” he said. “It is not a traffic offense, it is the failure to comply with a regulation. “

The two-week Easter holiday in France begins on Friday evening and spans four weeks in three different areas; the first zone includes Paris and Toulouse. Police are also dispatched to stations and airports, but services were decimated during the lockdown.

Paris police chief Didier Lallement said 8,277 more “officers and gendarmes” would be charged with arresting “those who persist in their stupid plans.” He said to them, “We will be there when you leave, during the trip and when you arrive. “

Since French imprisonment began on March 17, 5.8 million people have been arrested and asked for documents proving that they are allowed to leave their homes, said Castaner. Approximately 359,000 fines were imposed.


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