Coronavirus in Sacramento: Map, case data by postal code


Sacramento County has released data and a map showing confirmed coronavirus cases by postal code, providing a bit more information on the neighborhoods that have experienced the highest concentration of viruses causing COVID-19 cases until now.

The map shows fascinating patterns, but the data does not give specific data for postal codes with less than five confirmed cases.

County officials told The Sacramento Bee that these postal code areas could have zero to four cases.

It should be noted that even with this minimum of five cases, the sample size for the cases in each postal code is relatively small. No postal code had more than 31 cases, and most had between 10 and two dozen.

Where is coronavirus activity common in Sacramento County?

Currently available data now includes infection totals for nearly three dozen postal codes in Sacramento County, while about 20 others did not have a minimum of five confirmed cases. As a result, only 422 of the 525 cases currently confirmed are included.

COVID-19 shells by postal code

Sacramento County postal codes with at least five confirmed cases of coronavirus (click on the area for more details):

Map: Nathaniel Levine • Source: Sacramento County

Case totals in the included postal codes ranged from five (95828, the Florin area extending south to Calvine Road) to 31 (95670, the majority of Rancho Cordova and Gold River).

Keeping in mind that the data set is incomplete, missing more than 100 cases, the postal code breakdown provides an overview of the neighborhoods that have seen denser concentrations of coronavirus cases compared to each other.

Those with relatively high totals include Rancho Cordova and Gold River; the north area of ​​Oak Park near the UC Davis medical center (25 cases out of 95817); Antelope (23 in 95843); North Highlands (17 in 95660); and Citrus Heights (12 in the eastern part of the city, 95610 and 11 in 95621, the western half).

Similar totals were also observed at Elk Grove: 11 in the south of Elk Grove (95757); 14 at Elk Grove east of Highway 99 (95624); and 23 in the Laguna area at Elk Grove (95758).

Several other postal codes housing suburban neighborhoods have had more than a dozen confirmed cases: the northern part of Arden Arcade (95821) has had 21 COVID-19 infections; the Mather zone (95827) south of Rancho Cordova has 16; Rosemont and La Riviera (95826) had 15; and North Natomas, north of Del Paso Road (95835), has 13.

Relatively low rates were seen in other parts of the city – eight each in two adjacent post codes in the Natomas area (95833 and 95834), eight more in South Land Park, six in Old North Sacramento and six others at Orangevale. On Tuesday, the city of Folsom had only 12 confirmed cases. The rural town of Galt has five.

However, county officials did not specify which postal codes had no cases.

Unreported cases (ranging from zero to four) are noted in each of the downtown areas (95814) as well as in downtown Sacramento and East Sacramento west of 39th Street (95816); Rio Linda (95673); Elverta (95626); and several other small neighborhoods.

According to David Welch, fire chief of the Courtland Fire Protection District, some of the postal codes have not recorded any cases, including Delta areas like Courtland (95615) and Hood (95639). The only reported case in the delta was in Isleton, along the delta, according to city-by-city data updated Tuesday morning by the county.

Although the highly contagious coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, is known to spread more quickly in dense urban centers, such as New York City, the current hot spot in the United States, it is not It’s not surprising that a high proportion of the confirmed cases would come from suburban or more rural areas of Sacramento.

About one million of the county’s 1.5 million or so residents live outside the capital’s boundaries. And what used to be Sacramento’s activity centers – downtown and downtown bar scenes, acclaimed local restaurants, the Golden 1 Center and more – are all practically empty places since the mandatory order of Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay in residence on March 19.

However, more than half of the deaths reported so far have occurred within the city limits of Sacramento, 12 out of 22.

The county also does not include the number of deaths in the postal code data.

Distribution of deaths by city

At 10:00 am on Tuesday, the county reported 525 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 21 deaths – 12 deaths in the city of Sacramento; three at Elk Grove; one at Citrus Heights; three outside the seven county towns; and the other two in unknown parts of the county.

Officials note on the COVID-19 web page that its city-by-city and postal code breakdowns only include cases for which patient addresses have been confirmed.

Since the lack of generalized testing means that the actual totals of infection are certainly higher than the confirmed amount, it must be assumed that the virus has spread to all corners of the county to some extent; even if they don’t register on the recent county map, they could have up to four confirmed cases.

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