Coronavirus: Identical Twins Emma and Katy Davis Die Within Three Days of Each Other | UK News


Identical twin sisters died within three days of each other after the two tested positive for COVID-19.

Emma and Katy Davis, 37, had both worked as nurses and both had the same underlying health problem.

Nurse for children Katy Davis deceased at Southampton General Hospital on Tuesday while Emma, ​​a former surgical nurse, died early Friday.

Katy Davis died within three days of twin sister Emma after being tested positive for COVID-19
Katy Davis was “a nurse that people aspire to be like”
Emma Davis, who died within three days of her twin sister Katy after being tested positive for Covid-19
Emma Davis had the same underlying medical condition as her sisiter

Katy had worked as a risk and patient safety manager for child health, a spokesperson for Southampton University Hospital (UHS) said.

She had been ill for some time before being admitted to hospital when she tested positive for COVID-19added the spokesperson.

Emma, ​​he said, had worked as a surgical nurse in the colorectal unit from 2004 to 2013.

The spokesperson said, “She had the same underlying medical condition as Katy and was ill before admission when she tested positive for COVID-19.

“She unfortunately died last night and it goes without saying how devastating and tragic it was for the family and everyone who knew them.

“Emma was described as an excellent nurse who was calm and cheerful and a good leader. She was very much appreciated by all and was a precious member of the team during her time with us.

“We support Katy’s and Emma’s family as much as possible during this difficult and painful period. “

Paula Head, Director General of the UHS, said: “Katy has been described by her colleagues where she worked in the child health field as a nurse that people aspired to look like and that nursing was more than a simple job for her.

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“On behalf of everyone here at UHS, including our patients and the communities we serve, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to his family. “

There have been 684 others coronavirus-related deaths in British hospitals, the Department of Health announced on Friday, bringing the total death toll to 19,506.

The rate of growth of the disease continues to slow


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