Coronavirus: Hundreds of Fans Are Made Every Day, Government Says UK News


Hundreds of new fans are manufactured daily in the UK – and 300 arrived from China on Saturday, said a senior government minister.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said the government was working with fan suppliers in the UK to manufacture existing and modified models in large numbers, with new models coming soon.

“Others will go into production in the coming weeks, subject to regulatory and safety approvals, as part of the Prime Minister’s call to manufacturers to increase production,” he told government daily COVID-19 press conference on Saturday.

Does coronavirus locking in the UK work?

Gove said a team from University College London, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, has produced a new non-invasive respirator that has received clinical approval.

He said that 250 of the products are currently being produced every day, increasing to 1,000 a day next week.

“We are also increasing the capacity of the NHS to deploy invasive ventilation, we have purchased invasive ventilators from partners abroad, particularly in Germany and Switzerland,” he added.

“And today, 300 new fans have arrived from China. “

Undated document published by University College London of a patient volunteer demonstrating continuous positive pressure breathing aid (CPAP) which can help keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care which was developed by mechanical engineers, doctors and the Mercedes Formula 1 team with a team from University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospital (UCLH). Photo PA. Date of issue: Monday, March 30, 2020. See the history of the AP HEALTH Coronavirus. Photo credit should read: James Ty / UCL / PA Wire. NOTE TO EDITORS: This photo for distribution can only be used for editorial reporting for contemporary illustration of events, things or of people in the image or facts mentioned in the legend. Reusing the image may require additional permission from the copyright holder.
University College London and Mercedes have developed CPAP

Another objective of the daily briefing was to reiterate the government’s message to follow the lock rules and not be tempted to break the social distancing rules in sunny weather this weekend.

Gove said the growing number of deaths coronavirus shows “more than ever” that the British must stick to government directives.

“I know life under confinement can be difficult, and some will be tempted to venture out on this sunny weekend,” he said.

“If we loosen our adherence to the rules, we increase the risk for others. “

Fans are stored and ready to use
Michael Gove said 300 other fans arrived from China on Saturday. Photo file

Gove urged people “to think about those on the front lines and the sacrifices they make for us”, as he revealed that seven health professions have died after contracting the virus.

He said: “Whatever the temptations for this weekend, don’t go out to visit the lakes, beaches, countryside … be proud to keep your own families and communities safe.

“The more we restrict contact, the more we slow the spread of the infection, the more time we have to build the capacity of the NHS. “

Aimée O & # 39; Rourke (39)

COVID-19: Second NHS nurse dies

The call comes after it has been confirmed that 708 others died after a positive coronavirus test, bringing the UK total to 4,313.

One of the latest victims was five, the youngest English victim to date.

Meanwhile, a prominent scientist and government adviser has said that measures of social distancing in the UK could be relaxed in a few weeks if there are signs, the epidemic slows down.

The government has warned the British that COVID-19 will cost more lives in the coming weeks if people give in to the temptation and head out to enjoy the sun this weekend.

Clear skies and temperatures up to 18 ° C (64.4 ° F) were forecast on Sunday, which could make it all the more difficult for some to adhere to the locking measures applied to combat the spread of virus.

Boris Johnson also used the video message to urge the public to stay home over the weekend, for which warmer weather is forecast.

“We can’t afford to relax”

NHS England National Medical Director Stephen Powis said at the press conference that the latest figures suggest that new cases of COVID-19 have started to “stabilize”.

But he added that there was “no room for complacency” and that everyone should continue to follow the lock rules.

Gove said hospital admission rates are increasing in parts of the country, up 35% in Yorkshire and the North East and 47% in the Midlands.

Conspiracy theories link the deployment of 5G masts to the coronavirus epidemic were criticized by Mr. Gove, who described them as “dangerous nonsense”.

Powis added: “The history of 5G is complete and complete, it’s nonsense, it’s the worst kind of fake news. “


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