Coronavirus: Greater Manchester police warning after 660 party closings


Map of rallies related to Covid

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1,132 coronavirus-related violations were reported between Saturday and Tuesday

Greater Manchester police have warned people not to break the Easter lockout rules after breaking 660 parties last weekend.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said, “Each of us must take this seriously.”

There were 1,132 coronavirus-related violations reported between Saturday and Tuesday, the force said.

This included 494 house parties – some with DJs, fireworks and bouncy castles – and 166 street parties.

A Bury woman became the first person in Greater Manchester to be charged under the Coronavirus Act 2020 after police repeatedly shut down one of the parties.

The force also had to deal with 122 different groups coming together to play sports, 173 other rallies in the parks and 112 incidents of anti-social behavior and public unrest.


Chief Constable Ian Hopkins Warned Against Any Rule Breaks During Easter Weekend

The region’s deputy mayor of police and crime, Beverley Hughes, said the number of coronavirus incidents has increased dramatically.

Police responded to around 500 calls a day over the weekend, she said.

However, she said calls for enforcement for companies not following the rules have fallen.

Hopkins said, “We understand the desire that people will have to spend time with family and friends during Easter, but it is essential that we follow government directives.

“The most important action we can take to fight the coronavirus is to stay at home to save lives. “


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